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Good morning maasi!

Good morning maasi!

Kamala has been serving in school for the past 6 years. She is a helper, and loves keeping the classroom clean for children. On a usual day, she would often help children to hold big projects and assignments from the gate to the classroom. She would clean the spilled water on the floor, bring water and tea to the teachers, stitch the torn pants of children when they played sports, braid hair for young girls, and so on and so forth.

Out of everything, she is very particular with the blackboard. She keeps on wiping it clean before and after each class. After school gets over, she makes sure to keep the chairs and table in place, for the children to come the next day. This is her way of serving selflessly in the education of our children. This is her daily routine - a usual day at school.

This is her daily routine - a usual day at school.

When asked, she shares in Bengali, “I have heard about some new classes which have recently started. They are very good for children. Last week, a child came up to me and wished me good morning. I was so surprised. This did not happen before.” She continues, “And today, so many of them wish me every morning. They thank me for wiping the blackboard. They ask me about myself these days and we have good conversations now. I feel closer to the children”.

With time now, Kamala’s usual day is the same - cleaning the blackboard, placing tables and chairs in place - same. But now, she feels seen. She feels loved and valued. She feels like a cherished part of the school community, not just a helper. The well-being classes, as Kamala shared, had not only enriched the lives of the students but also transformed her own. She realised that these classes were about more than just academic learning.

Our programs are designed to foster a sense of empathy, respect, and genuine connection among everyone in the school - creating a more inclusive and compassionate educational environment.