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The clay flower

The clay flower

When we asked about the fondest memory from well-being classes, Lata shared that it was the time they got to make clay figurines. She has always been drawn to art. And, that particular class provided the perfect outlet for her creativity.

It was the first time she experienced real fun in a classroom setting.

Given the lumps of clay, the class was asked to mould them into something that is precious to them. While everyone was still thinking, Lata chose to mould a flower. She had put every bit of her heart into creating the most beautiful one she could imagine.

After the activity, it was time to share why they crafted their respective figures. When Lata's turn came, she shared that she made the flower because her mother was named after it. It was a special moment for her. It was a chance to open up about her mother and express how incredible she found her.

She really liked that class and began to look forward to more of it.

From then on, Lata even put the effort to pay more attention during well-being classes. She realised that it wasn't just another regular class. It was an opportunity to better express herself through various creative activities.

Once shy, Lata is now a bright and active girl who excels not just in creative pursuits but in all her classes. The well-being class became more than just a class for Lata. It became a platform for self-expression and growth. It was as if the classes had unlocked her creative potential, turning her into a star student.