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Trekking to the moon

Trekking to the moon

They say mountain life is not easy. But since this is all I know, it is just life to me.

I wake up with my parents at dawn every morning. They prepare to go to work, my father at a construction site and my mother in the fields. Meanwhile, I prepare my lunch for school.

Today’s routine is the same as always. Wake up before the sun, pack my tiffin, and trek 7 kms uphill to my school. Despite the long walks, the early mornings, and everything in between, I love going to school because we get to start our day with our well-being Class!

We tell each other about our big and small achievements. We talk about how much we love the sky full of stars on winter nights and how some of us want to trek to the moon someday!

Because of the well-being classes, our school life is very different. My friends and I have been coming to school together for a long time, but it was only after we started the well-being class, that we started cherishing these long walks and truly enjoyed every second of being in school.

Mountain life is not easy, but it makes you appreciate the little things.